About Us

Ohana Farm sits on 13 acres of land just west of Dover.  It was purchased by Velvet’s parents in 1954.  Velvet was actually born on the property.  We purchased it from her parents in 1999.  In July of 2001, after Andy’s retirement from the Navy, we moved in. 

During our career in the Navy, we spent almost eleven years in Hawaii stationed at Pearl Harbor.  Amanda and Aaron were born there before we came back to Delaware for a tour as a recruiter.  A few years later, we returned with one more child, Sandra.  While Velvet worked as a stay at home mom, we began a life of foster care.  It wasn't enough to simply provide a home and safe environment to children; we brought them into our family.  It was through this process that Leslie and Kathena became permanent members of our family, or as it is said in Hawaii, Ohana.  After moving to Connecticut, we continued to foster and bring more children into our ohana.  Once we were settled in Delaware, we resumed our calling to foster children and we started taking in children, again. 

Since every farm needs a name, we chose Ohana Farm because this is not just a place where a family dwells; it is a place where we grow the concept of ohana.  Many children came to us from broken homes or less than desirable circumstances, and it is here that they learned what it means to be a family.  We planted the seeds of family.