Ohana Farm
Ohana Farm


Welcome to the family website of Andrew and Velvet Siegel in Dover, DE.

We have four horses (including a mini), some chickens, five cats (two in the barn), and four dogs.  Our newest dog is Max.  He’s a Yellow Lab that was unfortunately run over by his previous owner and rescued by Amanda.  We also have five children:  Amanda and her husband, Cobalt, purchased their first home a few miles away.  We see her a lot because she comes home to take care of the horses.  Aaron, who completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from the University of Delaware, is living in Richmond, Virginia working as a consultant.  Sandra graduated Magna Cum Laude from Delaware State University with a degree in Physical Education.  Leslie moved to San Diego to establish California residency and is attending La Mesa Community College and managing Krafty Krepes in La Jolla.  Kathena is finishing her Senior year at the University of Delaware majoring in English.

Velvet recently finished her book.  Click on the image to see how you can get yours.


If you have any suggestions or comments, send them to the webmaster at webmaster@ohanafarm.org.


L-R: Leslie, Amanda, Hannah (our Niece’s daughter), Sandra, Velvet, and Kathena.

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